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Flatliners (2017)


I never saw the old one to judge & even the remake one is completely crab, the storyline is lame after 30 mins can’t wait for a movie to finish.

Bad production, pointless, don’t bother urself to have a try, the only thing I like in a movie is the POSTER design no more no less.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Great Movie, Great Cast, Great Director,  Great Screenplay

3BOEM is the best black comedy I've seen in 2017, it deserves all the awards had taken. its a unique film talking about violence, revenge, sorrow & justice, it beautiful how are characters complexity, how to empathize with a person & u don't for others. it's a very deep emotional story mixed with humor & dark drama.

Frances McDormand (Mother)  &  Woody Harrelson ( Sheriff)  an epic acting, but I was so impressive of Sam Rockwell (Dixon) performance like nothing before, he really deserved The Golden Globes award as Best Supporting Actor.

3BOEM is listed in 2018 Oscar nominations for Best Picture which is coming 3rd March 2018 probably will win in my opinion. or ( Dunkirk)

The main point of my view in the movie it's about forgiveness, sometimes anyone can make a mistake of making a decision about a person while he has an essential feeling inside  not apparent and sometimes vice versa

But the question i…

JIGSAW (2017)

GOODBYE SAW come on this is not a jigsaw this is inspector gadget to me lol, I was a geek saw franchise but after watching this I am not going to see any future ones, the saw series become horrible, producers just need money & don't care about any shit else, stupid plot, the ending doesn't mean anything to me, very disappointing.
so do u wanna play a game?


All I See Is You (2016)

The film is a philosophical drama talking about a blind wife changes her relationship with her husband when the eyesight back to her and finds out how disturbing their relationship become each other.

It's well directed, especially the closeup shots & the visual perspective of blindness, it's a twisted plot, the development of the story & characters are impressive until the end is disappointing.

(Blake Lively)doing a great job after (The Shallows)
(Jason Clarke) has done a good job as always

I want to say that the grace of sight is priceless, and sometimes it is a curse on others, This is the philosophy of the film.

Teenage Cocktail (2016)


Thriller Drama, Risky & Sexy.

Annie (Nichole Bloom) is a school teenager living in a small town with overbearing parents,  Jules (Fabianne Therese) a lonely & dreamer girl living in the same town trying to collecting money from cybersex to achieve her dream.

Both are met and they become best friends, Jules convinces Annie to move with her, because they have fallen in love with each other, the due have desires, they will face a dangerous situation, they will break any limits to reach their goal.

Great Cast, Fresh lovely Soundtracks, the plot is not bad but I don't like the end I think it would be better if u adding more in the ending,  but I got the message & I really enjoy it.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

All that I can say is: WOOOOOOOW The cinematography is more than u imagine, it takes me to another atmosphere like that James Cameron did in AVATAR, I fully regret I did not go to the cinema to watch it, if u got 4K big screen it will blow u away. I’ve seen both movies the original one in 80’s by Ridley Scott which is one of my best directors, I suddenly shocked with this version, no offense at Scott but this sequel is the best for me of the original, I did not expect to be like this but Denis Villeneuve has been done a great job, I start loving this director after (ENEMY) which is one of my best movie lists all the time. The sound design is stunning but nothing like the original by (Vangelis) The most spectacular scene for me when Ryan chasing Ford in the theater & the show turning on & off especially when Elvis Presley pop up with my lovely song  (Cant help falling in love ), it's epic & genius scene I ever watched. I have a lot to say about the movie but I don’t wanna sp…

Thelma (2017)

This is my first Norwegian film, one of my fav. electronic music band is from Norway ( Röyksopp ) that why I got curious to see their talent in movies.

The movie looks good for the first opening scene & the music intro, however, it keeps descends &  moving to slow until the first hour after this it backs sparkling.

I still don't know how to classify this as Mystery/Dark Drama/ Horror/Thriller/Romance/Supernatural, u name it.

Thelma reminds me in (Carrie) blending with (Xmen) but in Norwegian version, Thelma is a young religious girl has a supernatural power ability (telekinetic) facing the new life collage with exploring her self inside & revealed her buried unknown power in terrifying experience.

Directing / Acting / Cinematography is more than awesome

The ending is open to leaves the audience make their conclusion, there are many questions to think about & this what distinguishes the film.   

Killing Ground (2016)

Extremely violent, terrifying, sold & psychological, but predictable.
Killing Ground is a pretty good Australian low budget film, which I start loving Australian movie before such ( Berlin Syndrom / Hounds of love ) but this time it's different, it has a taste of violent scenes not like other I mentioned above which make me nervous & keep me engaged sometimes from the details. Creative way of a narrative of moving from past & present by the director but this is not the case or the message after u watching this u will think thousands of times before u go camping.
My only Q: What da fuckin happened to Ollie? ;(

Darkest Hour

V for Victory, Courage is a key 

Darkest Hour, without doubt, is one of the best historical films I  have watched recently.

back to school, I was hating history class, when I grew up  I realized I was wrong after watching many of historical films biography.

These movies illuminate my mind even if I hate politics.

Darkest Hour is concentrating on Churchill (British prime minister) & his difficult moments during WW2, it's a Remarkable Composition of his challenging & the courage of taking any resolutions under pressure and circumstances with breaking the terror.

Extraordinary performance by (Gary Oldmen)  Churchill, the body language, expressions, humorous it is unbelievable.

Direction & cinematography is magnificence, decoration set is fabulous with excellent lighting, its very well made with production set.

Acting is brilliant, the script is amazing, moving between footages is more than wonderful. all that I can say is a masterpiece.


Justice League

First of all Big Thanks to DC for bringing my lovely superheroes to live again, no matter the movie is good or bad, I enjoyed it because I was a huge fan of comic especially DC UNIVERS characters as I mentioned before.

Zack Snyder ( Director ) who made  ( MAN OF STEEL)  the best Superman movie I watched, then (BATMAN vs SUPERMAN) the dark version of superheroes, & now (JUSTICE LEAGUE) Union of the heroes.

let's talk about two aspects of the movie:


The story is nice & decent, CGI effects are wondrous for those who complain about Superman CGI Facial it's not noticeable for me, he is not human he has super power u cant take impressions of inhuman if u live the character as I do. so dont blame graphic for this, CGI is stunning.

the sound effects too are amazing, particularly if u experience it with Dolby Atmos Technology.

wonder women ( Gal Gadot ) exceeded my expectations marvelously,  her performance is growing up every time she shows up I start to fall in lov…

Murder on the Orient Express

The film is based on a novel by Agatha Christie, which I read a lot of stories of her when I was young, its talk about police/crime/detective etc.  But Murder on the Orient Express doesn't fall in my hands that time, I heard about it but never read it, even I don't watch the classic movie, I don't have any clues to it, which is good for me, either I decide not to watch the trailer to complete the package lol.

Suddenly I felt unsatisfied, the plot is good & suspense, but it slows & boring, it's not like what I expected if u read for  Agatha Christie u will get what I mean. 

What surprised me is (Kenneth Branagh) the director & the actor at the same time, he played the main character in the movie as a detective (Poirot) he was amazing in front & behind the camera no controversy.
The cinematography is old-fashioned & stylish, the express interior scenery is awesome, it lets u wish to have a trip like that.
Despite I am sorry I don't enjoy it much &…

24 Hours to Live

I am sorry to say its a bad movie, illogical,  i bet my son will imagine better than this, Ethan Hawke disappointed me this time, Ethan is a great actor but he picked the wrong plot, I don't deny the  action/ thriller but its poor.

if u want to compare it with (John Wick) for example, both films have held the same situation for family loss & assassin but there is no comparison.

to be honest, I am very selective about what I watch i don't wanna say I feel regret for watching this but  Hawke saves the movie.

Last Days in the Desert

Completely crab, pointless,  another fake tale of Jesus, as I am a Muslim i only believe in one god (Allah) is the only one, neither begets nor is born, nor is there to him any equivalent. this is what  Holy Quran taught us,  with all my respect for other religions.

acting is the best thing I can tell, I put up all my rate on it.

November Criminals

Light drama, not very bad & not very good, teen spirits mixing with love, comedy & crime, just saw it because of  Chloe Grace Moretz but not for the baby driver lol.

The Cloverfield Paradox

Silly movie, I was deceived by Cloverfield name I thought it was like Cloverfield lane, this distorts Cloverfield anthology.

it doesn't make any sense, stupid science fiction,  jumping to the new dimension it's completely terrible, too many flaws it's not logical at all, after 30 mins watching I was excited but after this its fuck top. 

i don't know how J.J. Abrams agreed to produce such this.  save ur reputation plz.

in spite of that, I was impressive of paradox idea but it's not written well, space decoration is average but nothing like ALIEN.

finally, I would say maybe u like it but for me doesn't fall into my mind.

Thor : Ragnarok

I like DC more than MARVEL but both are comics legendary

this THOR is better than previous ones, it's a good action, a great adventure with super CGI graphics, it also has a sense of humor.

 I really enjoyed watching it.

Borg Mcenroe

Talent Meets Sledgehammer 

a great sports movie, true story, competitive, full of Inspiration

I am not a sports guy but I love watching tennis from while to while, its royal sport & very interesting but I did not realize what is behind the scenes & the psychological stress that players will suffer during any championship.

the movie concentrate on a  tennis it shows us it's a mental game not only the fit or just a hit, its entire of tension, thinking, how to win, what if I lose.

it's about two great players (Borg / Mcenroe ), both have different personalities, same passion, met on a tennis court in the Wimbledon finals with a sense of drama.

both characters performances are very high in acting & on the court.  very well directed, but the story it's not balance between 2 players, it's talking more about BORG than Mcenore which I see it not fair but maybe because its a Swedish production.

I highly recommended for ambitious ppl


bright is a very intelligence script, I heard they sold the script for 2.5m dollars which it really worthy, it reminds me of a game name DIABLO playing it with races in different centuries but in bright it's combining the societies of ( human - orcs - elf's - wizard - etc.. ) in a real-life world which is a huge idea for me & for many future sequels.

Can't wait for Netflix producing  bright2 

Still, the characters have not answered any questions yet but if they don't function the elements in a proper manner they will ruin the story because u can do more and more with it,  it's an open world. 

If u like fantasy or ur a  video gamer I am sure u will love it

The Man with the Iron Heart

I never ever empathise with a villain of my life, but I  really did after watching this. don't ask me why? it's complicated.
Brilliant performance by Jason Clarke playing Heydrich,  embodiment his personality in a very realistic Nazis way which I gave him 10/10
Cinematography is great especially the introduction, the  music is awesome too
the storyline is little miss up needs more organized, its look likes it split or 2 stories at the same time, i dont know if the director want this because the main point correlate the scenes is the assassination in the car
I heard there is another movie talk about the same events name ( Anthropoid ) I never saw it yet but they said its much better and u will skip this one, I am going to see it in future inshallah, I will compare both.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Tragedy, Shocking,  Beautiful & Strange
The same director of lobster same great performance by Collin.
Nicole, the kids & the young guy from Dunkirk doing a great job too

Before I start I am pretty sure a lot of ppl will hate this kind of movies because it has a lot of meaning misinterpret, the movie speaks in 2 sides  u can take it in a logic way or in a symbolic way like ( MOTHER ) this kind of movies u have to dive deeply into director thoughts & keep searching for details and if u watch it more than 1 time u will explore more & more.
anyhow its amazing keep me thinking all the time what if I was in the same situation, what shall I do, how I will I act, what will be my choice, it will put u  in a circle hard to get it out from it,  u will be stuck, regret,  remorse struggling, or accepting the fact  & believe in fate omg its fuckin weird.
the stress music & the long shot scene reminds me of Kubrick films, it is well directed,  its one of good psychological thri…