Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

All that I can say is: WOOOOOOOW
The cinematography is more than u imagine, it takes me to another atmosphere like that James Cameron did in AVATAR, I fully regret I did not go to the cinema to watch it, if u got 4K big screen it will blow u away.
I’ve seen both movies the original one in 80’s by Ridley Scott which is one of my best directors, I suddenly shocked with this version, no offense at Scott but this sequel is the best for me of the original, I did not expect to be like this but Denis Villeneuve has been done a great job, I start loving this director after (ENEMY) which is one of my best movie lists all the time.
The sound design is stunning but nothing like the original by (Vangelis)
The most spectacular scene for me when Ryan chasing Ford in the theater & the show turning on & off especially when Elvis Presley pop up with my lovely song  (Cant help falling in love ), it's epic & genius scene I ever watched.
I have a lot to say about the movie but I don’t wanna spoiler more
if u like SCI-FI / ACTION or u are a big fan of blade runner so what are u waiting for


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