Terminal (2018)

Harley Quinn: The beginnings :)

(Terminal) is a sort of modern film noir in the dark world corner, the story focuses on the characters and their interactions in the train terminal, they all met in the mid of night, to create a mysterious dramatic plot revealing all the characters mission as their lives stand on at the hands of a mysterious criminal mastermind insistent for revenge.
I bet on (Margot Robbie) Before, from (Harley Quinn) character which I love her the most to (I, Tonya) & now (Terminal) Margot continues with bad girl image with extremely performance every time surprised me. also a super acting for other casts in the film. This film keeps you on edge, trying to figure out what's the hell is going on in here, the first hour of the story goes slow, to the extent that my wife got bored & went to sleep, I think she missed the point with the film, but believe me the last 30min's of the movie its the whole movie, the plot connected perfectly in the end, u will reveal everything cleary & start to coherence all characters with each other & begin shocked at the end. Its Brilliant Script, Very good Diolage, the Cinematography, Visually, Lighting, Neon Glow Effects are Marvelous Overall: Not everyone will like it, so you have to give it a shot you probably love it.


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