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Molly's Game (2018)


Molly Bloom an Olympic Skier who was injured during Winter Olympics plays that ending her career, later on, she became one of the most world's High Stakes Gambling Organizer, arrested by FBI for involving with Russin Mafia.

It's a true story of her biography, the plot has two timeline story, one explaining about her childhood with her family & her life of skiing experience & the other about poker games she organized & lawsuit with her lawyer.

The opening scene is amazing until the mid of the storyline become slow relatively, But this does not affect the thrill of the story.

A great performance by (Jessica Chastain) I think this is the best acting role of her, also an excellent connection with (Idris Elba) & good supporting actor by (Kevin Costner) molly's father. 

(Aaron Sorkin) the good writer of (The Social Network), (SteveJob), (Moneyball) & the first film as a director/writer (Molly's game) I preferred h…

A Clockwork Orange (1971)


When u say, Mr. Stanley Kubrick, I will tell u (2001: A Space Odyssey) & (The Shining) are my best movies ever made by him, I proudly announced to add another masterpiece (A Clockwork Orange) to my collection.

(A Clockwork Orange) movie title has been chosen in high accurately, I did not get it for the first time but after I watched it I understand what does it mean. let me explain to u (A clockwork) is something mechanism, artificial, something made by a human (Orange) something natural or organic, so the key to the film is trying to tell how if we forcing something natural to function artificially, how if we could limit our choices, this is the main powerful message of controlling the instincts in human nature.

I little bit suffered to understand the script in bloody British English :) I don't know if this is a slang accent or what, but the subtitle helped me a lot to understand it perfectly.

The plot revolves around a young man ALEX and his…

Insidious The Last Key (2018)

Frustrating, Not Scary & Pointless

Insidious Chapter 4 ruined the Franchise, its awful horror movie did not scare a bit of me, everything is repeated nothing new, similar content, I expect to see something original a new storyline haven't seen before.

It's predictable just like I know whats going on here, always the same scary ghost lurking behind a door, the same demon in the dark basement, it doesn't make any sense, its slow & boring my eyes have fallen certain time,  the plot is completely poor & unrealistic.

The good thing about the movie is Elise (Lin Shaye) performance, she is a fascinating character actress, but the rest of the cast are sucks, unfunny & silly jokes. 

The weirdest thing I notice the movie trailer showing scenes is not showing in the movie so WTF ......

Insidious The Last Key must change the name to  Insidious The Last Chapter because it seems they run out of ideas unless if they bring out the best prequel, I am sorry to say its rubbish &am…

The Vanishing Of Sidney Hall (2018)

Tortured Soul & Heart Breaking

A brilliant story contains (Strong Drama, Mystery, Romance, Suspense) it's about a young talent writer (Logan Lerman) wrote a phenomenal novel suddenly becomes the best successful selling-book. the novel influenced some people negatively, tortured Sidney psychologically & put him in a weird situation.

The storyline jumps through stages of Sidney life from 18 to 20 to 30 in very consistent editing makes u explore deeply into each character in the different timeline at the same time in a mysterious way.

Very well acting by (Elle Fanning) Sidney's girlfriend after she amazed me in (The Neon Demon)a great job of (Shawn Christensen) The Director/writer & the whole cast frankly. The movie music sound is amazing

The movie affected me emotionally, it will touch ur heart & leave a bit of grief eventually, ur luck may sometimes smile to u but in return, life will stand against you like Sidney does, but the most beautiful of it how to achieve th…

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)


Pacific Rim: Uprising is a sci-fi violence & action if u are a big fan of giant robots & monsters it will absolutely fit with u. honestly, I don't like the first one either this but I got a special invitation to see it before releasing date & experience it with (4DX theater) for the first time. the main reason encouraging me to go.

What is 4DX?  its four dimension theater with shaking chairs, flashlights & environmental effects such as rain, wind, fog, and odors, it's really interesting & it adds a special charm that makes you live the moment with the movie.

The story about a group of robots pilots called (Jaeger) leading with a world-saving hero Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) & Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood) to fight the new threat against to giant monsters called (Kaiju) rising again after 10 years of war ends, trying to save the world from domination.

(Steven DeKnight) the director/writer of this sequel has taken the place of (De…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

The Last Jedi one of the divisive film this year, a lot of ppl like it & a lot of them hate it, as I am a big fan of STAR WARS since a kid, this is the worst one of the franchise, I am sorry for that but I used to see STAR WARS in a very strong plot contains a powerful correlate story & successful sequels all the time, not only concentrate into the depths of the characters and to review more aspects of their historical backgrounds, unfortunately this time it failed me.

(George Lucas) the filmmaker & the creator of STAR WARS franchise once declared the ends of STAR WARS original trilogy (A New Hope), (The Empire Strikes Back), (Return of the Jedi) & then change his mind and back with a new sequel (The Force Awakens) with a big success but it has fallen with him in (The Last Jedi).

I don't wanna judge on the film that bad, no I won't, but I always expect an extraordinary sequel especially its one of blockbuster films. the sequel stopped in episode 7 (The Force Awak…

Annihilation (2018)

A Mysterious &  A Bizarre Phenomenon

Annihilation is a science-fiction thriller movie, its the second film by (Alex Garland) director of an excellent movie (Ex Machina) & the writer of (The Beach) the movie that I watched it over 10 times, which is one of my best movie all the time.

The director thoughts are odd, this thing encourages me to see his crazy work again but this time makes me thinking of the open & mysterious interpretations.

The story about biologist named Lena (Natalie Portman) volunteered with another females team to discover what beyond the shimmer & what is hidden to them in a journey, a lot of surprises & unknown explanation on their way to reach the truth.

I loved the idea, especially the DNA reflection, the movie keeps u confusing on the seat, it keeps u have so many questions & the ending was EPIC, Portman performance & facial expressions in the role are ineffable.

Annihilation is a great SCI-FI experience, not for everyone, but mind-blowing…

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017)


I am wondering why the film is low rated, this is the best visual SCI-FI  has never seen, I was amazed what I am watching, the idea's, the graphics, it's beyond of imagination, its a very loss I missed it at the theatre :(

Thump up for (Luc Besson) the director of (The Fifth Element) I like his way of the ability to establish his own rival universe in impressive talent. this film is different for him & has a new taste of creativity. 

I think critics were complaining about acting performance, to be honest, i like (Dane DeHaan) in (A Cure for Wellness) much better, but its a lovely couple with (Cara Delevingne) which I loved her role in the movie.

The plot is fair enough, it could be better, but I loved the idea of combining all species in one spaceship rather than individual planets like STAR TREK, I would like to see more parts of the movie in the future.

The best scene for me was the show of (Rihanna) the way of morphing techniques …

I, Tonya (2018)

Fascinating, Talented, Unexpected

I, Tonya is a great movie in all its elements and standards, its based on a true story of  ice skater Tonya Harding biography, the movie concentrates more on her life than the sports achievements, I didn't hear about her before  but I realized she was one of the most controversial sport's characters that time, the film combines dramatic & documentary of revealing the truth of her life or lets say seeking for the truth, then  it moves through flashback scenes, showing the journey of Tonya Harding from childhood to the youth in very well editing makes certain story sequences quite funny & intersting.

Superior performance by (Margot Robbie/TONYA) after she convinced me playing (Harley Quinn) role in (Suicide Squad) she is an amazing actress. I will not forget (Allison Janney/lavona) tonya's mother with an Outstanding performance like never before.

Shooting the film in a vintage mode it gives you a very nice classic scenes hits of the ear…

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)


JUMANJI from a board game to a video game console, the first one is much better But as long as I am a hardcore gamer, I love it & I enjoyed it like enjoy playing video games.

Fantastic characters performance  THE ROCK, JACK BLACK, KEVIN & KAREN, the location & the atmosphere looks like I am playing UNCHARTED GAME on PlayStation, the plot is not much but entertaining, It's not the best CGI you've seen but it's beyond the average, it would be better if they add more sound effects like a video games.

Overall, its a really good movie for your family, its fun action comedy & it's much better watching it in a theater for more enjoyable.

COCO (2017)

Pixar !! Well done

An amazing animated film, deep emotional & strong message for the family value, it's a fantastic story extremely well written, most beautiful visuals with colorsaturation, a lore of Mexican culture & family cohesion, lovely music & soundtrack, I rarely cry but at the end of the movie will drop u little tears, it really deserves the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.

Muchas Gracias Pixar u did it again.

very recommended for children, adult & all ages.

The Disaster Artist (2017)

Funny & Hilarious, Weird & Bold, Crazy As Hell

(The Disaster Artist) is the best film for the worst movie ever made in Hollywood history, its a true story inspiring of (Tommy Wiseau) the Director/Actor/Writer & Producer of (THE ROOM) a terrible movie in 2003. I never saw it yet but after u watch this film, I bet u gonna have a try :)

Wiseau & his friend  are chasing their dream to make their own movie After they have been rejected by many agencies, they never give up, they fight to reach their goal, at the end, they made the worst movie ever, the strange thing that the film was admired by some fans later & (Wiseau) become a famous weird actor/ director u will never know.

(James Franco) surprised me in his performance, this is the best film for him so far, he got a very intelligent idea to direct it too, he imitated the role flawlessly with a very good chemistry with his brother (Dave Franco).

The movie contains a lot of surprising moments in so much fun way, I really e…

Lady Bird (2017)

Ladybird is a local drama, a coming of age story, a struggle between mother & daughter, facing new college life, blah blah blah, I did not see any quality about it just a good acting by (Saoirse Ronan), its the first experience in write & Director by (Greta Gerwig)  its look like a part of her biography, to be honest, I kept falling in sleep while I am watching it, this is not my kind of movies, but I am sure teenagers will love it more, I am sorry its not intersting at all, I just watch it because its nominated for Oscar 2018.

The Shape Of Water (2017)

A decent film, Unsatisfied, Overrated, Not worth the Oscar

The Shape of Water is a romantic fantasy film, it talks about a mute girl working in a government laboratory & falls in love with a creature has been captured by The facility.

No doubt (Sally Hawkins) performance is amazing, cinematography & atmosphere are brilliant as well as good directed. I like (Del Toro) imagination but this one is not convincing at all. it's so disappointing.


The first thing came to my mind while I am watching is (The Beauty & the beast) let's say in aquatic version lol, honestly it doesn't convince me for many reasons, how could a woman had a sex with an ugly unknown creature, I will pass it if u fall in love with it, but SEX !!!! give me a break!
How come the creature escapes to the theater without been notice from anyone. 
At the end of the film the creature has the ability to heal itself from bullets & resurrection otherwise it cant acclimate itself while in a t…

Mudbound (2017)


Netflix is giving us very good movies this year, the production line knowing what they are doing, frankly they are so creative what they do & I start to trust this network.

Mudbound is an Excellent movie, it's talking about racism & oppression during the WW2 , its touch ur humanity before ur heart, it's a narrative plot,  each character narrates his own part of the story in his own voice but in a balanced rhythm without leaving u out of the script.

Cast performance is outstanding, each one has complexity & similarity at the same time, the story has a deep message of racism. its touched me inside & I really recommend it.