Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017)


I am wondering why the film is low rated, this is the best visual SCI-FI  has never seen, I was amazed what I am watching, the idea's, the graphics, it's beyond of imagination, its a very loss I missed it at the theatre :(

Thump up for (Luc Besson) the director of (The Fifth Element) I like his way of the ability to establish his own rival universe in impressive talent. this film is different for him & has a new taste of creativity. 

I think critics were complaining about acting performance, to be honest, i like (Dane DeHaan) in (A Cure for Wellness) much better, but its a lovely couple with (Cara Delevingne) which I loved her role in the movie.
The plot is fair enough, it could be better, but I loved the idea of combining all species in one spaceship rather than individual planets like STAR TREK, I would like to see more parts of the movie in the future.

The best scene for me was the show of (Rihanna) the way of morphing techniques is phenomenal, it reminds me of Micheal Jackson (Black & White) first morphing video clip idea.

The Valerian end credits song (Alexiane - A Million on My Soul) it's addictive, she has a very sexy voice, a nice choice at the end. here is the video of the song enjoy listening to it.


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