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Mission Impossible : Fallout (2018)


MI: Fallout is the 6th film series installment of the mission impossible blockbuster franchise, starring (Tom Cruise) the most famous action actor which his presence made his film very high rated & big turnout at the box office itself.

Cruise (Ethan Hunt) IMF agent is back after eradicating the syndicate (the global crime network organization) in MI: Rogue Nation (2015), years later the syndicate agents leader by (Solomon Lane) split up & called themselves (The Apostles) they managed to get 3 Nuclear Bombs to target  the largest holy places in the world (Vatican, Jerusalem, Mekka), to left (Ethan) & His team racing against the time due to a tough decision (Ethan) makes While trying to reach the bombs before getting in the wrong hands.

The CIA decides to send the agent (Walker) performed by (Henry Cavill) who earned my respect in Superman to help (Ethan) retrieve it, (Walker) does not trust the IMF team after losing the plutonium to leave us …

Terminal (2018)

Harley Quinn: The beginnings :)

(Terminal) is a sort of modern film noir in the dark world corner, the story focuses on the characters and their interactions in the train terminal, they all met in the mid of night, to create a mysterious dramatic plot revealing all the characters mission as their lives stand on at the hands of a mysterious criminal mastermind insistent for revenge.
I bet on (Margot Robbie) Before, from (Harley Quinn) character which I love her the most to (I, Tonya) & now (Terminal) Margot continues with bad girl image with extremely performance every time surprised me. also a super acting for other casts in the film. This film keeps you on edge, trying to figure out what's the hell is going on in here, the first hour of the story goes slow, to the extent that my wife got bored & went to sleep, I think she missed the point with the film, but believe me the last 30min's of the movie its the whole movie, the plot connected perfectly in the end, u …

A Quiet Place (2018)

Silence is a Survival .. Silence Must Be Heard

The first time I saw the trailer I assumed it will awesome, The movie premise is Fresh & Original, being hunted by the sound is the key of the film, forced to live in silence, hiding from the creatures who are very sensitive by any sounds is almost generates high tension, suspense, breathtaking & shocking moments keeps you on the edge of the seat.

(John Krasinski)  surprised me to creates an extraordinary performance as actor/director & father in the film, playing the role with (Emily Blunt) a real-life wife as a mother,  both had a solid chemistry hits you with your emotions as well, great acting physically & emotionally while having little dialogue is simply spectacular. 

The visual concept is amazing reminds me in (The Last of Us) video game atmosphere, the details of the apocalyptic word is amazing, 70% of the movie is all about sound effects & design which is done very well.

(A Quiet Place) doesn’t concentrate on the …

What Happened to Monday (2017)

Fabulous Idea, Intelligent, Phenomenal Performance

(Sci-Fi / Action) movie talk about the future nearly (2073), the world facing a crisis due to overpopulation & lack of enough food, which makes the government solved the issue by birth-control, Until things turn upside down to find your self in action flick full of excitement and thrilling.

Extremely performance by Swedish actress (Noomi Rapace) played seven roles as (siblings), playing these characters in different personalities &  perspective take a lot of effort, so led to a superb performance which I take my hat off to her.

Beside the plot was filled with a lot of holes and illogical things which make some critics thinking of misjudgment of the mentality of the viewer but for me, the performance & the idea covered the whole things.

its well directed,  very entertaining, the plot could be better than this I don't blame it but I love it.  if u like action twist u absolutely will satisfy this & never get bored.

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

Epic, Impressive, Powerful & Noble

The first animated movie with a high budget in the middle east region ever created, based on a true story of the kid who dreams to be a warrior.

The film tells the story of the companion (Bilal Bin Rabah), who is considered one of an important figure in Islamic history, beside absent some important facts in his film inside, but the film focus of the message of slavery & liberation in thousand years ago, it carries many noble values such as courage, injustice & equality to present it more humanely than religious.

Bilal's personality was chosen for several reasons, as his childhood was dramatic and his character was transformed by his life, making his story cinematic.

The graphic is not Like a Pixar Studio, but I love the simplicity, all my interest and my senses attracted me to the story more than techniques, it's not that bad but its a very well done especially the open scene of the battle it took the producers over 6 months working o…