What Happened to Monday (2017)

Fabulous Idea, Intelligent, Phenomenal Performance

(Sci-Fi / Action) movie talk about the future nearly (2073), the world facing a crisis due to overpopulation & lack of enough food, which makes the government solved the issue by birth-control, Until things turn upside down to find your self in action flick full of excitement and thrilling.

Extremely performance by Swedish actress (Noomi Rapace) played seven roles as (siblings), playing these characters in different personalities &  perspective take a lot of effort, so led to a superb performance which I take my hat off to her.

Beside the plot was filled with a lot of holes and illogical things which make some critics thinking of misjudgment of the mentality of the viewer but for me, the performance & the idea covered the whole things.

its well directed,  very entertaining, the plot could be better than this I don't blame it but I love it.  if u like action twist u absolutely will satisfy this & never get bored.


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