Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

Epic, Impressive, Powerful & Noble

The first animated movie with a high budget in the middle east region ever created, based on a true story of the kid who dreams to be a warrior.

The film tells the story of the companion (Bilal Bin Rabah), who is considered one of an important figure in Islamic history, beside absent some important facts in his film inside, but the film focus of the message of slavery & liberation in thousand years ago, it carries many noble values such as courage, injustice & equality to present it more humanely than religious.

Bilal's personality was chosen for several reasons, as his childhood was dramatic and his character was transformed by his life, making his story cinematic.

The graphic is not Like a Pixar Studio, but I love the simplicity, all my interest and my senses attracted me to the story more than techniques, it's not that bad but its a very well done especially the open scene of the battle it took the producers over 6 months working on it for 10 Min's footage.

Excellent cast, nice colors, beautiful background music, sounds & voice acting is great, the imagination for the locations & Arabian costumes are amazing.

Definitely, a must-see for animation movie lovers, i highly recommend for all ages.


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