Mission Impossible : Fallout (2018)


MI: Fallout is the 6th film series installment of the mission impossible blockbuster franchise, starring (Tom Cruise) the most famous action actor which his presence made his film very high rated & big turnout at the box office itself.

Cruise (Ethan Hunt) IMF agent is back after eradicating the syndicate (the global crime network organization) in MI: Rogue Nation (2015), years later the syndicate agents leader by (Solomon Lane) split up & called themselves (The Apostles) they managed to get 3 Nuclear Bombs to target  the largest holy places in the world (Vatican, Jerusalem, Mekka), to left (Ethan) & His team racing against the time due to a tough decision (Ethan) makes While trying to reach the bombs before getting in the wrong hands.

The CIA decides to send the agent (Walker) performed by (Henry Cavill) who earned my respect in Superman to help (Ethan) retrieve it, (Walker) does not trust the IMF team after losing the plutonium to leave us in a twisted adventure filled up with Excitement.

The movie is great but not exceed my expectations, the story is predictable & very long, the storyline still working at the same method, some of the scenes are exaggerated but from the other side its non-stop thrilling action & gripping story, intense moments, with beautiful relevant shots of various cities which make the audience impressed & topped it as a high rating film.

It's well directed by (Christopher McQuarrie) the previous director of MI: Rogue Nation (2015), the returns of (Simon Pegg) & (Ving Rhames) was good & hilarious, I won't forget (Rebecca Ferguson) with extreme performance, all the actors were impressive as well, Camera works & angels are brilliant, Most fans of this franchise will absolutely love the sequel & will accept it with open arms.

If u like to see an action sequences full of Gunfights, Martial Combat. Motorcycle Chase .. Crashed Cars, Helicopters Jump, Leaping over Buildings, so this movie its made for u.


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