A Quiet Place (2018)

Silence is a Survival .. Silence Must Be Heard

The first time I saw the trailer I assumed it will awesome, The movie premise is Fresh & Original, being hunted by the sound is the key of the film, forced to live in silence, hiding from the creatures who are very sensitive by any sounds is almost generates high tension, suspense, breathtaking & shocking moments keeps you on the edge of the seat.

(John Krasinski)  surprised me to creates an extraordinary performance as actor/director & father in the film, playing the role with (Emily Blunt) a real-life wife as a mother,  both had a solid chemistry hits you with your emotions as well, great acting physically & emotionally while having little dialogue is simply spectacular. 

The visual concept is amazing reminds me in (The Last of Us) video game atmosphere, the details of the apocalyptic word is amazing, 70% of the movie is all about sound effects & design which is done very well.

(A Quiet Place) doesn’t concentrate on the Monsters/Alien or whatever creature is it's all about the family surviving & the love they share, scarifying at any cost to save your family. don't expect blood & gore in the film its more psychological fear delivers into some seriously tense moments.

With a small budget 17M$ to gross profit to 330M$ is a big success no doubt to put a finger on the eye of haters & bad critics ;)

This is one of the unique survival thrillers I have seen this year, it's worth seeing.


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