Annihilation (2018)

A Mysterious &  A Bizarre Phenomenon

Annihilation is a science-fiction thriller movie, its the second film by (Alex Garland) director of an excellent movie (Ex Machina) & the writer of (The Beach) the movie that I watched it over 10 times, which is one of my best movie all the time.

The director thoughts are odd, this thing encourages me to see his crazy work again but this time makes me thinking of the open & mysterious interpretations.

The story about biologist named Lena (Natalie Portman) volunteered with another females team to discover what beyond the shimmer & what is hidden to them in a journey, a lot of surprises & unknown explanation on their way to reach the truth.

I loved the idea, especially the DNA reflection, the movie keeps u confusing on the seat, it keeps u have so many questions & the ending was EPIC, Portman performance & facial expressions in the role are ineffable.

Annihilation is a great SCI-FI experience, not for everyone, but mind-blowing for who deepens it.


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