A Clockwork Orange (1971)


When u say, Mr. Stanley Kubrick, I will tell u (2001: A Space Odyssey) & (The Shining) are my best movies ever made by him, I proudly announced to add another masterpiece (A Clockwork Orange) to my collection.

(A Clockwork Orange) movie title has been chosen in high accurately, I did not get it for the first time but after I watched it I understand what does it mean. let me explain to u (A clockwork) is something mechanism, artificial, something made by a human (Orange) something natural or organic, so the key to the film is trying to tell how if we forcing something natural to function artificially, how if we could limit our choices, this is the main powerful message of controlling the instincts in human nature.

I little bit suffered to understand the script in bloody British English :) I don't know if this is a slang accent or what, but the subtitle helped me a lot to understand it perfectly.

The plot revolves around a young man ALEX and his friends who always provoke people and society for doing torture, rape & sometimes commit a murder until ALEX is sentenced to prison, in the prison, ALEX undergoes a new treatment program by the government, the program forces an individual to be good or evil person or maybe not !.

The visual style of the film & cinematography is a piece of art, everything u see on screen has meaning, It's beautiful & elegant the way shooting the scenes from a wide-angle camera, its fascinating to the eye, let u view the world in a bizarre way.

The production & costume design it can't describe, the decoration & furniture-like naked women, a pornographic picture, sculptures are glorious. also, a strange & intriguing soundtrack fits the film too.

Phenomenal performance by ALEX (Malcolm McDowell) in the movie, I loved how he shifting the role from evil to good & the opposite, all my respect & the privilege with honors.

This is one of the unique films behind all of the explicit sexual & ultra-violent scenes in it, all this matter to let u gets you into the mind of a psychopath, lives with a corruption community, reflects the terrifying world we live in today.

All of this highlighting the genius of Stanley Kubrick works. a simply unforgettable movie experience! truly a masterpiece.

The movie contained a very strong Sexuality, Nudity, Extreme Violence, not proper for an audience under 18 years of age.


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