Insidious The Last Key (2018)

Frustrating, Not Scary & Pointless

Insidious Chapter 4 ruined the Franchise, its awful horror movie did not scare a bit of me, everything is repeated nothing new, similar content, I expect to see something original a new storyline haven't seen before.

It's predictable just like I know whats going on here, always the same scary ghost lurking behind a door, the same demon in the dark basement, it doesn't make any sense, its slow & boring my eyes have fallen certain time,  the plot is completely poor & unrealistic.

The good thing about the movie is Elise (Lin Shaye) performance, she is a fascinating character actress, but the rest of the cast are sucks, unfunny & silly jokes. 

The weirdest thing I notice the movie trailer showing scenes is not showing in the movie so WTF ......

Insidious The Last Key must change the name to  Insidious The Last Chapter because it seems they run out of ideas unless if they bring out the best prequel, I am sorry to say its rubbish & waste of time.


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