The Disaster Artist (2017)

Funny & Hilarious, Weird & Bold, Crazy As Hell

(The Disaster Artist) is the best film for the worst movie ever made in Hollywood history, its a true story inspiring of (Tommy Wiseau) the Director/Actor/Writer & Producer of (THE ROOM) a terrible movie in 2003. I never saw it yet but after u watch this film, I bet u gonna have a try :)

Wiseau & his friend  are chasing their dream to make their own movie After they have been rejected by many agencies, they never give up, they fight to reach their goal, at the end, they made the worst movie ever, the strange thing that the film was admired by some fans later & (Wiseau) become a famous weird actor/ director u will never know.

(James Franco) surprised me in his performance, this is the best film for him so far, he got a very intelligent idea to direct it too, he imitated the role flawlessly with a very good chemistry with his brother (Dave Franco).

The movie contains a lot of surprising moments in so much fun way, I really enjoyed the film from A to Z & make my ass off from laughing. Highly recommended.


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