Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)


Pacific Rim: Uprising is a sci-fi violence & action if u are a big fan of giant robots & monsters it will absolutely fit with u. honestly, I don't like the first one either this but I got a special invitation to see it before releasing date & experience it with (4DX theater) for the first time. the main reason encouraging me to go.

What is 4DX?  its four dimension theater with shaking chairs, flashlights & environmental effects such as rain, wind, fog, and odors, it's really interesting & it adds a special charm that makes you live the moment with the movie.

The story about a group of robots pilots called (Jaeger) leading with a world-saving hero Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) & Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood) to fight the new threat against to giant monsters called (Kaiju) rising again after 10 years of war ends, trying to save the world from domination.

(Steven DeKnight) the director/writer of this sequel has taken the place of (Del Toro) this time I don't know maybe because he has a wide sense of action & more energetic in the battlefield, don't forget he created and ran the TV series ( SPARTACUS) which is the one of my best TV-SHOW.

Cast Performance is average except (John Boyega) is amazing but I loved him more in (FIN) in star wars, many plot holes, the script is empty, perfect (CGI) I preferred it more than Transformers & the most entertaining experience I had with this movie is the (4DX).

Pacific Rim, it's not my type of movie anymore, is more toward for a younger audience who like Giants robots & monster battle fights but if u got a chance to see it in a 4D so why not.


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