The Shape Of Water (2017)

A decent film, Unsatisfied, Overrated, Not worth the Oscar

The Shape of Water is a romantic fantasy film, it talks about a mute girl working in a government laboratory & falls in love with a creature has been captured by The facility.

No doubt (Sally Hawkins) performance is amazing, cinematography & atmosphere are brilliant as well as good directed. I like (Del Toro) imagination but this one is not convincing at all. it's so disappointing.


The first thing came to my mind while I am watching is (The Beauty & the beast) let's say in aquatic version lol, honestly it doesn't convince me for many reasons, how could a woman had a sex with an ugly unknown creature, I will pass it if u fall in love with it, but SEX !!!! give me a break!
How come the creature escapes to the theater without been notice from anyone. 
At the end of the film the creature has the ability to heal itself from bullets & resurrection otherwise it cant acclimate itself while in a tub & start sick & dying then it scared from death.

I don't complain the movie from what I mentioned but I am trying to explain its beyond logical. I know its fantasy but my mind won't accept it at all.

This is the worst movie for (Del Toro) my advice to get retire & save ur reputation rather doing an ugly fish man.


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