Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Hear me, and Rejoice,  
The End of the World is my Choice 

Avengers IW: is a tremendous step in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ever created after all these years, to bring us the inevitable showdown of all time. Combining all the superheroes & allies to save the universe from a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: The Mad Titan (Thanos) & stop him of collecting the (Infinity Stones) the most powerful artifacts in the universe. by obtaining these Stones, which will give (Thanos) the extremely power to wipe out half of all life in the world.

After reading many of the comic books in the old days though I forgot many of it, I still have the ideology of the superheroes world & how it works, as well as watching the most of Marvel Movies helps me easy to understand the story campaign. Avengers IW:  One of the greatest Marvel movies history ever made, its Blew me away from the opening scene to the exciting open end that keeps narrative possibilities extend in any direction.

The storyline progress & (Thanos) development character is superb
(Thanos) is the main spotlight character in the movie with his unmatched talent among previous (MCU) villains, that makes the Avengers in weakness spot which makes the plot perfectly balanced. beside I sympathized with (Thanos) for a while thinking seriously about the logic of his thought it might be right or wrong but this is a clear evidence of a powerful in his character.

It's an excellent action thriller, a great performance, every superhero gets to show off their skills, (Josh Brolin) is absolutely marvelous as (Thanos),  Tons of visual special effect & CGI u will experience,  it speaks for all of the fans, it has so many moments that will make you Laugh, Cry & Cheer, Two Hours & half  felt like 30min's. it's a perfection workflow by Anthony & Joe (Russo Brothers) the directors.

Definitely, I would like to say this is the best ending I have seen, unlike what most people don't like it & I am so excited to see what would happen next, I have a lot of explanation & theories about what is coming next but it takes a long days to write about even so I won't spoil it anyway.

Highly recommend it  ... See it as soon as you can


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