Molly's Game (2018)


Molly Bloom an Olympic Skier who was injured during Winter Olympics plays that ending her career, later on, she became one of the most world's High Stakes Gambling Organizer, arrested by FBI for involving with Russin Mafia.

It's a true story of her biography, the plot has two timeline story, one explaining about her childhood with her family & her life of skiing experience & the other about poker games she organized & lawsuit with her lawyer.

The opening scene is amazing until the mid of the storyline become slow relatively, But this does not affect the thrill of the story.

A great performance by (Jessica Chastain) I think this is the best acting role of her, also an excellent connection with (Idris Elba) & good supporting actor by (Kevin Costner) molly's father. 

(Aaron Sorkin) the good writer of (The Social Network), (SteveJob), (Moneyball) & the first film as a director/writer (Molly's game) I preferred him more in writing than directing in my opinion but it's a good step anyways.

I enjoyed the film maybe because I love Poker Texas hold'em, I was addicted player & I know the feeling of each player on the table, winning & losing & how exciting the game is, so how if u playing with celebrities or High Stakes blinds, how it would be ?!

My Question? 

I would die to know who is the real name of (Player X) the younger famous actor who was playing with them all the time, I heard Maybe he is (Tobey Maguire), (Leonardo DiCaprio) (Ben Affleck) all of whom could potentially fit the profile of (Player X) Who Knows :)


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