Darkest Hour

V for Victory, Courage is a key 

Darkest Hour, without doubt, is one of the best historical films I  have watched recently.

back to school, I was hating history class, when I grew up  I realized I was wrong after watching many of historical films biography.

These movies illuminate my mind even if I hate politics.

Darkest Hour is concentrating on Churchill (British prime minister) & his difficult moments during WW2, it's a Remarkable Composition of his challenging & the courage of taking any resolutions under pressure and circumstances with breaking the terror.

Extraordinary performance by (Gary Oldmen)  Churchill, the body language, expressions, humorous it is unbelievable.

Direction & cinematography is magnificence, decoration set is fabulous with excellent lighting, its very well made with production set.

Acting is brilliant, the script is amazing, moving between footages is more than wonderful. all that I can say is a masterpiece.



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