The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Tragedy, Shocking,  Beautiful & Strange

The same director of lobster same great performance by Collin.
Nicole, the kids & the young guy from Dunkirk doing a great job too

Before I start I am pretty sure a lot of ppl will hate this kind of movies because it has a lot of meaning misinterpret, the movie speaks in 2 sides  u can take it in a logic way or in a symbolic way like ( MOTHER ) this kind of movies u have to dive deeply into director thoughts & keep searching for details and if u watch it more than 1 time u will explore more & more.

anyhow its amazing keep me thinking all the time what if I was in the same situation, what shall I do, how I will I act, what will be my choice, it will put u  in a circle hard to get it out from it,  u will be stuck, regret,  remorse struggling, or accepting the fact  & believe in fate omg its fuckin weird.

the stress music & the long shot scene reminds me of Kubrick films, it is well directed,  its one of good psychological thriller movie u will experience.


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