Thelma (2017)

This is my first Norwegian film, one of my fav. electronic music band is from Norway ( Röyksopp ) that why I got curious to see their talent in movies.

The movie looks good for the first opening scene & the music intro, however, it keeps descends &  moving to slow until the first hour after this it backs sparkling.

I still don't know how to classify this as Mystery/Dark Drama/ Horror/Thriller/Romance/Supernatural, u name it.

Thelma reminds me in (Carrie) blending with (Xmen) but in Norwegian version, Thelma is a young religious girl has a supernatural power ability (telekinetic) facing the new life collage with exploring her self inside & revealed her buried unknown power in terrifying experience.

Directing / Acting / Cinematography is more than awesome

The ending is open to leaves the audience make their conclusion, there are many questions to think about & this what distinguishes the film.   


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