Borg Mcenroe

Talent Meets Sledgehammer 

a great sports movie, true story, competitive, full of Inspiration

I am not a sports guy but I love watching tennis from while to while, its royal sport & very interesting but I did not realize what is behind the scenes & the psychological stress that players will suffer during any championship.

the movie concentrate on a  tennis it shows us it's a mental game not only the fit or just a hit, its entire of tension, thinking, how to win, what if I lose.

it's about two great players (Borg / Mcenroe ), both have different personalities, same passion, met on a tennis court in the Wimbledon finals with a sense of drama.

both characters performances are very high in acting & on the court.  very well directed, but the story it's not balance between 2 players, it's talking more about BORG than Mcenore which I see it not fair but maybe because its a Swedish production.

I highly recommended for ambitious ppl


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