Justice League

First of all Big Thanks to DC for bringing my lovely superheroes to live again, no matter the movie is good or bad, I enjoyed it because I was a huge fan of comic especially DC UNIVERS characters as I mentioned before.

Zack Snyder ( Director ) who made  ( MAN OF STEEL)  the best Superman movie I watched, then (BATMAN vs SUPERMAN) the dark version of superheroes, & now (JUSTICE LEAGUE) Union of the heroes.

let's talk about two aspects of the movie:


The story is nice & decent, CGI effects are wondrous for those who complain about Superman CGI Facial it's not noticeable for me, he is not human he has super power u cant take impressions of inhuman if u live the character as I do. so dont blame graphic for this, CGI is stunning.

the sound effects too are amazing, particularly if u experience it with Dolby Atmos Technology.

wonder women ( Gal Gadot ) exceeded my expectations marvelously,  her performance is growing up every time she shows up I start to fall in love with the  Amazonian girl :).

Aquaman ( Jason Momoa )  he performed the role of character  flawlessly & insanely, I can't wait for upcoming Aquaman Movie 2018 to know more.

Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ) Half human, half machine I like his design, he is gonna be one of the superheroes in modern age & his character is under develop.


-   All Characters:

I don't feel the spirit of the heroes, sumthing missing, I cant recognize it, it's lifeless, maybe because it's not Solo its multi characters nobody took his rights to play it well.

-  Specific Characters : 

BATMAN: with all my respect to ( Ben Affleck ) no one can do best of the batman than (  Christian Bale ) I gave another chance of Affleck but still doesn't fit the suit, even the new Batman costume is sucks  & childish. 

FLASHMAN: I don't like him this way a clumsy & Funny asshole when I still imagine The Flash (1990 TV series) character he still the best Flashman captured in my head.

SUPERMAN: I  don't like the death of  Kryptonite Man, the last scene of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN in the Clark funeral after everybody leaves the dirt on top Clark's coffin was shaking & levitates.

STEPPENWOLF: the villain wasn't attracted me to pure evil, the character has weak performance i think it needs more time to work on it.


I like the harmony between the characters, Superman steals the show for me no matter of short scenes he takes because an absence of his death but he still the Number 1 Superhero of my life. the connection between bruce & diana is so lovely as it is with clark & lois emotionally.

the movie is fast it need more runtime than 2 hours but its ok I am very hopeful for upcoming DC movies to see more.


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