Murder on the Orient Express

The film is based on a novel by Agatha Christie, which I read a lot of stories of her when I was young, its talk about police/crime/detective etc.  But Murder on the Orient Express doesn't fall in my hands that time, I heard about it but never read it, even I don't watch the classic movie, I don't have any clues to it, which is good for me, either I decide not to watch the trailer to complete the package lol.

Suddenly I felt unsatisfied, the plot is good & suspense, but it slows & boring, it's not like what I expected if u read for  Agatha Christie u will get what I mean. 

What surprised me is (Kenneth Branagh) the director & the actor at the same time, he played the main character in the movie as a detective (Poirot) he was amazing in front & behind the camera no controversy.

The cinematography is old-fashioned & stylish, the express interior scenery is awesome, it lets u wish to have a trip like that.

Despite I am sorry I don't enjoy it much & I am not going to re-watch the old classic one anymore.


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