Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Great Movie, Great Cast, Great Director,  Great Screenplay

3BOEM is the best black comedy I've seen in 2017, it deserves all the awards had taken. its a unique film talking about violence, revenge, sorrow & justice, it beautiful how are characters complexity, how to empathize with a person & u don't for others. it's a very deep emotional story mixed with humor & dark drama.

Frances McDormand (Mother)  &  Woody Harrelson ( Sheriff)  an epic acting, but I was so impressive of Sam Rockwell (Dixon) performance like nothing before, he really deserved The Golden Globes award as Best Supporting Actor.

3BOEM is listed in 2018 Oscar nominations for Best Picture which is coming 3rd March 2018 probably will win in my opinion. or ( Dunkirk)

The main point of my view in the movie it's about forgiveness, sometimes anyone can make a mistake of making a decision about a person while he has an essential feeling inside  not apparent and sometimes vice versa

But the question is: whether a human is capable of total forgiveness or revenge is the only way to salvation.

I fully recommended watching this to find the wisdom


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